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We Provide Loan Management Software

windtrue Software believes in the maximum use of tools & technology in any industry, technology can confuse the conventional banking professionals, and the maximum of current NBFC professionals in the banking area are not familiar with the latest technology and since they have held high running cost. The victory of the Indian banking Sector depends on how we are working use the modern technology in the banking business.

windtrue has developed many Loan Management Software or NBFC Software and ERP Software. Our tailor NBFC Software i.e. abbreviation for Non-Banking Financial Company decrease the overall human resources cost, improve customer fulfillment, manage loan inquiry, an end to end administration process.

Loan Management Software System:
  • 100% online checking acceptability for loan eligibility
  • EMI Calculation Online
  • Credit analysis
  • Document management system (Customer Master Data, document, file I.e.)
  • CIBIL Score API Integration
  • Rules and Policies Management
  • Approval Loan System
  • End to end payment management
  • Automated EMI collection
  • Due Date Alert (automatic SMS / CALL)
  • User Dashboard to check loan status, EMI, re-pay loan
  • Defaulter List
  • PDC Detail
  • Spot Booking Expenditure
  • Application Fee Report
  • Enrollment Fee Report
  • Late Fee Report
  • Commission Pay Report

Loan Servicing Software Activities

  • Employee Management
  • Multiple Branch Management
  • EMI Collection Management
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • Tax and Insurance Accounting
  • Investor Participation
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Automatic Task Scheduling
  • Commercial Loan Servicing
  • Automobile Loan Servicing
  • And much more

Business Intelligence Tools

  • View Agent
  • View Customer
  • Branch Collection Report
  • Branch Business Report
  • Enrollment Fee Report
  • Application Fee Report
  • Late Fee Report
  • Commission Pay Report
  • Salary Report
  • Recovery Report

Why Choose Windtrue Software

  • Right Technical Partner

    We are the best technical partner if you’re a beginner or company seeing to bring a new approach to development. We customized our services to fit your requirements and use latest technology for your project.

  • High quality

    We have a huge pool of technical abilities, use only the real tools & technologies possible, develop a precise process to assure quality and we have vast experience to support us.

  • Amazing end-products

    We consider the end outcome as much as you make. We have a broad experience range on board and provide everything from top-notch cloud platforms to convenient ‘rich-client’ web apps to primary mobile apps.